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Below are instructions for Passing an Annual Inspection for the Klamath Housing Authority. 

To schedule an inspection, please contact James:

541-884-0649 x115


General Information

  1. All rooms, personal possessions, yard and outbuildings must be reasonably clean and in order.  Our Inspector needs to be able to check all windows, electrical outlets, outbuildings and the entire premises.

  2. Small children should not be allowed to follow the Inspector or observe testing of electrical fixtures.

  3. All dogs must be confined.  No exceptions.

  4. Child safety caps must be removed from ALL electrical outlets in ALL rooms.

  5. Stovetops must be free of pots, pans, teapots and beauty covers.

  6. All sinks, basins and tubs must be free of standing water.  (No dishes soaking)

  7. Raise ALL miniblinds and open ALL curtains to bare windows and locks.

  8. Unlock all garages, sheds, etc. before the Inspector arrives.  Many units fail due to inability to locate a key at the last minute.  We can’t pass it if we can’t inspect it.

  9. Make sure all outlet and switch plate covers are intact.  They can not be cracked, broken or missing.

Common Fail Items that Should be Promptly Reported to Landlord

  1. Any plumbing leak or drip from faucets, spouts or valves.  Flushed toilets that will not shut off be themselves.  Slow drains.  Water seeping from the base of the toilet onto the floor.

  2. Broken, cracked or scorched electrical outlets and cover plates.

  3. Broken or ineffective door and window locks.  Severely split doorjambs.  A wooden dowel will pass as a window lock only if it is sturdy and cut-to-fit secure.

  4. ANY electrical fixture that has been knocked or bumped loose from walls, ceiling, or exterior siding.

  5. Loose, frayed, or holes in carpet or floor vinyl or floor/tile.

  6. Non-working stovetop elements (all present MUST work), non-working oven and broil elements.  ALL control knobs must be present (usually 6).

  7. PEELING PAINT if you have children 6 and under AND your unit was built before 1978.  Exterior peeling paint MUST be scraped down to bare wood unless it is repainted.  HUD does NOT accept pressure washing as a suitable removal of peeling paint.  Interior peeling paint must be scraped AND repainted with two coats of new paint.

Common Fail Items that are Directly Under Tenant’s Control

  1. Smoke alarm not working.  Battery must be pushed TIGHT against terminals if your alarm is battery operated.  Two story units now REQUIRE TWO alarms.

  2. Ineffective freezer door due to ice build-up.  If the freezer door won’t close to the normal position, IT FAILS THE INSPECTION.

  3. Natural Gas service has been disconnected.  A base rate to keep your gas appliances operational all 12 months of the year has been figured into your utility allowance.  Having the Gas Company shut it down for the summer is fraud, and you are willfully causing your dwelling to fail the Housing Quality Standards inspection.

  4. Excessive lint, dirt and laundry build-up around the washer and dryer electric and plumbing.  If your dryer is inside the living quarters of your unit, IT MUST BE VENTED.  Check your flex-hose and all connections.

  5. Unsanitary food preparation surfaces (in the kitchen).  Common fail items are unsanitary refrigerators, cabinetry under the kitchen sink, and dirty floors.

  6. Unsanitary hygiene areas (in the bathroom).  Common fail items are unsanitary sinks, tub, toilet, base of toilet and the floor around the toilet.

  7. ANY broken glass.  Includes windows, mirrors, light fixture lenses and sconces, and any other cutting hazard such as a sharp chip broken off of the toilet tank lid.

  8. Exterior debris, litter, tall dry weeds, unwanted furniture, non-working appliances, or any broken down vehicles.



PARASITES: If you, or any family member, has head lice, pubic lice or scabies at the time of your inspection, call the office IMMEDIATELY to reschedule. The inspector WILL NOT enter the premises if there is an active case of any of the above. In addition, these parasites will result in a “Fail” rating of your unit as it is evidence of an infestation.

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