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Helpful Links

Below are links that may be of help for community resources, utility company contact info, Oregon Housing Authority info, property management, apartment complexes, other housing resources, and landlord information. 

AAA property mgmt..541-883-6424

All Seasons 541-885-2930

Crater Lake realty 541-783-2759

D&S Properties 541-884-1597

Exclusive Real Estate 541-885-4400

First Choice Property Mgmt 541-884-4022

Lakeside 541-887-8090

Lester Reality 541-882-8788

Moss Rentals 541-891-1013

Rookstool- Moden  Real Estate 541-883-3781

Stewart Property 541-883-2901

Morehouse Property Mgmt 541-851-9301

Apartment Complexes

Applegate Trails: 541-883-8383

Cedar Gardens: 541-882-5989

Crestview Commons: 541-850-3333

High Lakes Apartments: 541-882-5577

Kingswood: 541-883-2986

Other Housing Resources 

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